Who is it for?

As per POSH Law and other related Regulations, Guidelines etc. :

  1. Internal Committee (IC) / Local Committee (LC) members (including External Members)
  2. Those working (or looking to work) as an external member
  3. Those conducting (or looking to conduct) training or awareness programs on POSH
  4. Doing any other advisory / compliance / litigation related work on POSH (including HR, Legal, Compliance, Ethics, Learning & Development Managers etc.)

This platform is for you.

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What is it FOR?

  1. Connect with each other, discuss challenges faced and find / discuss practical solutions.
  2. Connect with professionals, fellow colleagues and experts – to not only learn from each other but also create a strong community that supports each other and celebrates achievements.
  3. Have open discussions – Especially because several provisions under law are grey and open to interpretation one way or another

This platform shall also be used for free discussions as well as discussing varied perspectives, experiences and opinions. In exchange, we all would need to ensure that we respect all views.

How will it work?


Mutually choose a topic for


Keep your queries ready & discuss those during the meeting. Can also email queries in advance to connect@poshatwork.com


Connect once every month for 2 hours (last Friday of every month from 4PM to 6PM).


Share your Experience, Moderate, Present, Offer Solutions​

What was discussed in previous host & Dost Meetings?

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Why should you be a part of this?

Firstly, because it’s a one of a kind initiative to (1) Ensure open discussion (2) Collaborative learning (3) Provide a support system / community. Over and above that, for the following reasons: 

The discussion we will have, will be recorded and will be available for viewing EXCLUSIVELY for Members of
‘Host & Dost’.

In case you are looking to conduct a session for the first time and want to take views from peers, you can present and the peers can give you constructive feedback.

In case you have just started conducting inquiries and need guidance, you can raise your queries in the forum.

In case you need any government notifications or judgments to be discussed to get more clarity – this can be done too.

Specialised sessions can also be organized (this will be based on discussions with peers).

More features being developed for effective communication (will be updated shortly)

join HOST & DOST

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