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POSH at Work (“Firm”) is an organization that believes that sexual harassment at workplace does not only causes mental and/or physical damage to the person harassed but also seriously curtails opportunities at work by creating a discriminatory work environment. We believe that, in order to ensure equal participation and equal opportunity at work, it is extremely important to do away with discriminatory behaviour and re-instil the faith of employees/workers in the organization. We believe that this can be done only with effective and efficient compliance with the law against sexual harassment i.e. the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and other related laws. Posh at Work, therefore has been found with the motto to help in the ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace’ and build inclusive and respectful workspaces.

You are being invited to join Community including Host & Dost as a member (“Member”). Host & Dost is a Forum (“Forum”) for External Members. Hence, its beneficial for:

  • Those working (or looking to work) as an external member (EM)
  • Those conducting (or looking to conduct) training or awareness programs on POSH as EM or purely as a Trainer
  • Doing any other advisory / compliance / litigation related work on POSH

This Forum is to:

  • Connect with each other, discuss challenges faced and find / discuss practical solutions.
  • Connect with professionals, fellow colleagues and experts – to not only learn from each other but also create a strong Forum that supports each other and celebrates achievements.
  • Have open discussions – Especially because several provisions under law are grey and open to interpretation one way or another

This Forum shall also be used for free discussions as well as discussing varied perspectives, experiences and opinions. In exchange, we all would need to ensure that we respect all views. The Firm recognizes that Host & Dost is an integral means of interaction between the Firm and the Members as well as others, and an invaluable place for the Firm and Members to connect, share and learn from each other. We want Host & Dost to be welcoming and constructive. Therefore to ensure the integrity of the Forum, it is important to have these guidelines. We, therefore, request you to read through the Forum Guidelines. Please take time to read the following information carefully:

How will it work?

  1. We will connect once every month for 2 hours.
  2. The meeting date will be circulated 15 – 20 days in advance to give enough time to block calendars.
  3. A topic will be circulated 2 – 3 days in advance of the meeting.
  4. All those who have queries on the said topic can keep them ready. Queries can also be sent in advance – that will help us collate topics for next month
  5. All those who have experience to share, solutions to offer, can do so.
  6. In case no one has any queries (which will be rare we are sure), we will have case studies ready for discussion.
  7. So that we are organized and remain focused on the topic of discussion, one of us will also moderate the discussion.

What are the benefits?

It’s a one of a kind initiative to (1) Ensure open discussion (2) Create space for collaborative learning (3) Create a Support system / Forum for practitioners in this field. Over and above that, for the following reasons:

  1. To start with, the discussion we will have, will be recorded and published on YouTube. However, this will be available for viewing EXCLUSIVELY for Members of ‘Host & Dost’.
  2. In case you are looking to conduct a session for the first time and want to take views from peers, you can present and the peers can give you constructive feedback.
  3. In case you are faced with any challenges while conducting inquiries and need guidance, you can discuss your queries in the forum.
  4. In case you need any government notifications or judgments to be discussed to get more clarity
  5. Specialised sessions can be organized too (this will be based on discussions with peers and in case they would be willing to present for the benefit of everyone in the group).

Broad Guidelines

  1. Joining Host & Dost as a member is entirely voluntary.  By signing up you agree and understand that the discussions on the Forum are for the purpose of learning and for professional and personal growth only. The intent of the Forum is to not disrespect anyone, discriminate on any basis or discuss obscene content or sexually harass anyone.
  2. By sharing your experiences with us, you will be contributing to the learning & development of the Members of Host & Dost.
  3. The Firm also recognizes that the Forum may have to go through changes from time to time based on functioning, experience, feedback and keeping in line with current trends and technology. Any such changes shall be communicated to Members from time to time.
  4. The Firm may also use other social media channels to communicate with the Members and others.
  5. The information posted by the Firm will be informational as well as general material for learning purposes pertaining to the POSH law.
  6. These messages are not meant as a substitute for professional legal advice. You should consult us or any other legal professional for professional legal advice or solution.
  7. Further, by accessing, using, communicating and/or commenting through online comments or posts on the Firm’s social media platforms (including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and  YouTube), you agree to be bound by these Guidelines.
  8. The Firm reserves the right to delete posts from Members who violate these Guidelines and to suspend or terminate the Membership.
  9. These Guidelines also have to be read along with the Consent form, which the Firm, will need you to go through and confirm.
  10. You can withdraw from the Forum at any point in time. For doing so, you can write to us at connect@poshatwork.com. Post this, all privileges as a Member will be discontinued.

Code of Conduct

When you join Host & Dost, you will be able to discuss, post messages, ask questions, read and share personal / professional stories and experiences and receive friendly encouragement etc. by others in similar situations. However, you are responsible for what you say / write.  Below are the Firm’s broad guidelines with respect to the same:

  1. Speak your mind freely but please be sensitive to the feelings and opinions of others. You might not always agree, but you can agree to disagree in a peaceful manner.
  2. Work with other Forum members to ensure it remains welcoming to new participants and ideas and embraces diversity.
  3. Be sensitive and respectful while offering advice – do not make statements about what others should do and should not do.
  4. Do not judge others and the way they do things.
  5. Do not make statements, post messages or comments that:
    • Incite hatred on the basis of race, sex, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, or any other personal characteristics.
    • Are taken by the recipient as discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment etc.
    • Are defamatory comments or potentially libellous derogatory statements attacking any individual or organization.
    • Are off-topic or unrelated.
    • Could constitute a personal attack on a person’s character.
    • Impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation.
    • Include swearing, obscenity and pornographic material.
    • You do not have the right to publish or which violates copyright of anyone.
    • Could be considered spam and virus.
    • Contains personal information like telephone numbers, address details, etc. of people outside the Forum. Similarly, do not share contact details of Members without their prior approval
    • Advertise commercial activity or make request for donations or money, unless agreed in advance with the Firm.

6. While discussing a case that could be a trigger for some members of the group, kindly give a trigger warning

The following may also be treated as misconduct and must be kept in mind:

  1. Engagement in any act/deal in a thing/products/goods/services which are either banned/prohibited by law
  2. Providing of any description/image/text/graphic which is unlawful, illegal, intimidating, obnoxious, objectionable, obscene, vulgar, opposed to public policy, prohibited by law or morality or is in violation of intellectual property rights including but not limited to trademark and copyright of any third party or of inaccurate, false, incorrect, misleading description or is surrogate in nature. You agree that in case there is violation, you shall do and cause to be done all such acts as are necessary to prevent disrepute being caused to the Firm.
  3. Consumption of intoxicated drinks and drugs during Host & Dost meetings / activities.
  4. Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the affairs of the Forum or causing any damage or acting in a manner prejudicial to the same.
  5. Taking or giving bribes or any illegal gratification or any remuneration which may be punishable by Indian laws.
  6. Furnishing false information regarding name, age, qualifications, previous service or experience or any other matter in relation to the association with the Forum.
  7. Commit sexual harassment as per the definition of the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

The Firm shall delete any part of the discussion, comment or messages that do not meet the above guidelines. The Firm reserves the right to remove members who do not adhere to these guidelines. The Firm will follow the following:

  1. First Violation- Warning: Members in violation for the first time will generally receive a communication from the Firm regarding the inappropriate nature of posting. There are some extreme incidents that could lead to an immediate removal (See below).
  2. Second Violation- Suspension: If a second violation occurs, the Member may be denied privileges for a period of time, commensurate with the seriousness of the incident. To be reinstated, the suspended member will be asked to provide evidences that they understand the reason for suspension and to provide a plan for avoiding future violations.
  3. Third Violation- Permanent Removal: A third violation will result in removal of the individual from the Forum and restriction on re-subscribing. Mitigating circumstances may be discussed privately with the Firm but re-instatement will only be allowed under unusual circumstances, and such decision is entirely at the discretion of the Firm.
  4. Extreme Incident: Posting of illegal material, purposeful dissemination of viruses or intentional derogatory/defamatory or potentially libellous statements or attacks will result in immediate removal from the Forum.

The Firm, where possible and in response to any request, will explain why it removed the member or why member’s contribution did not fit with the guidelines. The Firm, however, makes no commitment to respond to every individual comment, message or post. The Firm reserves the right to modify or alter the policy and guidelines at any time.

As part of this Community you also consent to the following:

  1. I have been given requisite information about Host & Dost in the Guidelines, the opportunity to ask questions about the Forum and get answers to my satisfaction.
  2. I confirm that my participation is voluntary and that I can ask to withdraw at any point in time.
  3. I confirm that I have read, understood and shall adhere to the Guidelines, agree to be a member of Host & Dost and participate in the Forum discussions as a member.
  4. I agree that during discussions, I shall not discuss / disclose confidential, classified and / or sensitive information of any individual or organization. If my interactions / presentations or other written / oral material require permission for use, I have obtained such permission from the copyright proprietor. The use of any material will not violate the rights of any third party.
  5. I give consent to POSH at Work for the following:
    • To use my name, organization’s name (if applicable), photograph, biography, contact details etc. – in my professional capacity with the Forum Members (for successful & meaningful interaction among members) and publicly for circulating information, in learning material, for promotion and advertising in relation to Host & Dost.
    • To video record / audio record and / or photograph digitally the discussions and store / share the same on private / public groups for future viewing, referencing, listening etc.
    • To publish, edit, translate or otherwise disseminate discussions in the form of posts, quotes, image(s) etc. on communication channels such as websites, email, social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram etc.
  1. I give consent to be added to the Host & Dost group on LinkedIn and WhatsApp group.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us on (+91)9004521614.

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