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Scoopwhoop, WhoopScoop, Samdish Bhatia and sexual harassment: Delhi Court refuses to gag

A Delhi Court in Whoopscoop Media Pvt Ltd Vs. Samdish Bhatia has refused to grant an interim injunction in favour of ScoopWhoop CEO Sattvik Mishra to restrain former employee Samdish Bhatia from publicly speaking about allegations of sexual harassment the latter levelled against the former. Bhatia had registered a sexual harassment complaint against Mishra and his wife, and the same is before a IC constituted under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act (POSH Act). Samdish also published an Instagram Post regarding his sexual harassment. Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Preeti Parewa of the Patiala House Court held in the order,”Expression of a victim’s trauma or experience is his/her fundamental right which can only be curtained if it is falls under four broad categories i.e., “libel, slander, defamation”, “contempt of court”, “offends against decency or morality” and “undermines the security or tends to overthrow the State.”
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